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Crimson Skies Redux
I have been doing a bit of Crimson Sky book recovery after all. Two of the supplements I needed were so cheap it was worth getting them just for background info. The lack of a copy of Behind the Crimson Veil was annoying though. Undertook a huge trawl of the internet and thought I found it, for a tenner even, on an online sales site in France. My boss is a lot more fluent in French than me so he took a look at it and reckoned he could easily pick it up and would do it that evening, postage would only be £7-£8. Huzzah! This was possibly the only copy of this for sale in the entire bloody world.

The day after he texted to say it was apparently unavailable now. Bummer. In desparation I actually contacted some of the authors, one had no copies and wished me luck but the other reckoned he had a few spares knocking around and would go and see if he could find them.

As it happens my boss's earlier log in to the French site had put the book in the basket tagged to the computer at work, thus making it unavailable to any other buyer. He thought this might be the case, looked it up again today and yes, it was there, so he got it and it should be on it's way shortly. Hope it arrives ok and is in decent nick now.

In the meantime the author had found his spares and offered one to me at a very reasonable price (plus postage from the States). I might actually take him up on that, firstly for taking the trouble to find it for me in the first place and secondly because this thing is so rare it's worth having a spare copy in case (or I find another poor soul trying to get hold of one).

The main rules now, that's a different kettle of fish. Have to keep looking.

Incidentally, the first author happened to have her contribution to "Tinseltown Expose", the never released Hollywood sourcebook on her blog, so I grabbed that. I'm wondering now who the other contributors were and if they too still have their chapters on file somewhere. "Zeppelins and Bombers" was finally made available, perhaps "Tinseltown Expose" could be too.


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