June 18th, 2018

Music of the Wild...

While reading through the Ryuutama rulebook I have been listening to my latest music purchase, the 5-disc Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild CD soundtrack. It's beautiful, mixing haunting minimalist piano pieces and stirring orchestral renditions of the various Zelda themes that have been established in previous games. There's a fair bit of accordion music as well courtesy of Kass, the travelling Rito bard who you meet at various points in the game and who provides clues to what happened in the past and hint as to what you should do next. It even includes music from the DLC (that's Downloadable Content to the luddites among us) packages that have been released and even music from the Nintendo trailers. Of especial note is the music from the release date trailer, which had some Zelda fans who recorded their reactions for webcast bouncing off the ceiling in enthusiasm.

It would provide a good soundtrack for playing Ryuutama to, and indeed some people have stated that Ryuutama would be the ideal game for playing in a Breath of the Wild setting. Most of the people are not warriors (save for the maniac in a blue tunic rushing around the place with a bloody big sword) and there are no wizards or thieves (though the ninja-like Yiga clan could nicely fill in as villainous examples of the latter). You even have dragons, although Hyrule has three rather than the requisite four required in Ryuutama, but that's not an unsurmountable problem. It would work very well, especially if you set it after the main events of the game. The big bad of the game, Calamity Ganon, has been defeated, the monsters are now less numerous, but there's plenty of adventure out there for Hyleans (your standard "folks" in the game) eager to explore this ruined but now liberated ancient kingdom.

Yes, I think it would work very well indeed.