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First Foot on the Next Half Century...
I've just turned 51. Well, last Tuesday actually. That trip to Minami I just mentioned was my birthday present to myself. Been checking out the presents, Star Wars socks (and a nice shirt) from the Mother-in-Law (wearing a Darth Vader set now), a Llamas With Hats "CAAAARL!!" t-shirt from The Wife (which I am also wearing now), money from my Mother and the Father-in-Law, Waterstones gift card from the Brother, Amazon gift card from the Sister-in-Law. The Wife's family treat birthdays as srs bsns.

Llamas With Hats? Go google it. Like it or hate it you'll be using the catchphrase for months.

The gift cards are already spent, the Amazon one got me the David Attenborough collected "First Life" and "Rise of Animals" DVD set, saw it on TV some time ago and am looking forward to seeing it again. In Waterstones I plumped for Ian Nairn's "Nairn's London", of which I have heard many good things but never actually got around to reading and the new second expanded edition of Iain Sinclair and Marc Atkins' "Liquid London", a joint prose and photographic essay of strange little abandoned corners of the city (and the strange little abandoned people who occupy it). Atkins' bleak black-and-white images are wonderfully evocative, and Sinclair's text comes in short enough spans to avoid him getting irritating.

Don't get me wrong, I like Sinclair's work, but he has a habit of peppering his writing with references to people, places, things and events which nobody in their right mind is going to get straight off. You have to have bloody Wikipedia open on the computer next to you sometimes to understand what the hell he's going on about. It's a sort of passive aggressive intellectualism, "I'm going to talk about all this stuff and you plebs will just have to run to keep up".

The Wife thinks he's a git and gets too irritated to complete a single book he's read, and you can actually see her point.

Some of the money has been spent on picking up a few West End Games Star Wars RPG adventure modules. I see someone has already been working on putting "Rogue One" into the West End Games mechanic and that's very understandable, the whole film is more or less what players of the game would be doing, Rebels filling in the back story behind the main characters.

Take a look-

Love the fact that he's also done a "weathered" version of the pdf as if it was an old 90's sourcebook that's been scanned in by devoted fans of the old system.

Good stuff.

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hAPPY birthday, big guy. :) Welcome to the over 50 club.

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