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I Has a Sad...
A little while back in this blog I mentioned a small Cherry tree that I pass on my way to and from Woodford Station that bloomed stupidly early in the year. It did so again this year, early in January, despite the cold, delicate pink blossoms, practically the first flowers of the year, long before the snowdrops, reminding you that spring was on its way, even if it was still far off.

Well it won't bloom ever again. Yesterday I was coming out of the Woodford Co-op and I saw a branch on the grass of the small green outside and thought "Oo! That looks just like that little Cherry tr... Ah."

It was that little Cherry tree. Some mindless pratt had snapped it in half. Why? What makes somebody do such a pointless act? Did it make them feel big? Did they think it was clever? Destroying a whole sapling with their bare hands. What a man!

Perhaps they just have no capacity to create anything and have to desperately try and find some confirmation of their sordid little existence in a stupid act of destruction. If they're like this all the time then you feel they must be even less than worthless, they have negative value, the world would be a better place without them. A horrible thing to say about another human being perhaps, but still. I'm not angry, just sad.

I started well today, the weather was mild and fine, as I crossed over the top of the ridge and started down the other side of the valley, passing over the green there was a wren, flitting ahead of me and bouncing up to the top of bushes to sing.

How does such a little bird produce such a loud, clear song? They were always my Father's favourite.

Anyway then I walked down the hill, still feeling good, and then saw the pathetic broken trunk where the little Cherry used to be. Bam. No more happy.

On the way home I plucked a little twig off the remnant on the grass outside Co-op, just a few open flowers and a bud, the terminal bud of leaves just starting to unfurl, wore it in the buttonhole of my coat as I walked home and stuck it in one of the plant pots outside the kitchen door.

I have no expectations it will grow, Cherries don't do that, a Willow yes, a Thorn perhaps, but not a Cherry. I also know that this is a commercial cultivar and there must be thousands of clones of it all over the UK, perhaps some quite close.

But still, I will miss that enthusiastic little Cherry tree on my winter walks to work.

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