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I have acquired the Cyberman supplement for the old FASA Dr Who RPG. Not from Amazon you understand, oh hell no, "Three used from £680"? Yeah, right. Fortunately Spirit Games up in Burton on Trent had a copy for a slightly more reasonable £40. I've been promising it to myself for a few months and finally got around to picking it up. Fortunately the Spirit Games stocklist is only accessible via their website and you'd have to go to the "Secondhand Games" section before you find it, so it was quite well hidden. Did mention I was going to pick it up on this blog before but since it's mine now I can reveal the source.

Spirit Games is one of the old school RPG shops that has been going for years, originally started in Croydon I believe before moving oop north, I've been dipping in there since at least the early 90's.

It's timely too with the old Mondasian Cybermen making a reappearance in Dr. Who this season. The earliest and possibly the creepiest incarnation of the cybermen and far from the stompy "DELETE!" spouting silver giants we've seen of late.


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