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Now All Roads Lead To France...
I just watched a rather extraordinary TV programme, "Britain's Ancient Tracks" hosted by Tony "Baldrick" Robinson. Firstly it was an excellent introduction to one of the ancient trackways of this realm, the Icknield Way (they still don't know what the name actually means) and not only did it feature Phil "Oo-arr!" Harding, archaeologist and flint knapper extraordinaire (one of who's flint arrowheads, knapped in 1992, I still occasionally wear around my neck, great guy is Phil), but it introduces to you the poetry of one Edward Thomas, who died tragically early, in the Battle of Arras in 1917.

Go read "Roads"-

If you don't feel SOMETHING then you have no soul. At least three books of his are definately on my Xmas list.

Darwin alone knows what the rest of this series is going to do to me.

(Yes I am moderately pissed, been working this Saturday, allowed myself a couple of bottles of Westons Vintage Reserve Cider while The Wife is out watching "the Fake News Show" being filmed)

Still, I know something profound when I see it. Go take a look.


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