hotfoot_jackson (hotfoot_jackson) wrote,

We'll Meet Again...

I did not know that Dame Vera Lynn was still alive! She's 101!!! Mind you if she died now there'd be the biggest funeral procession since Churchill.

The Wife is reading "Keep The Aspidistra Flying" you see. Which led to discussion of Aspidistras and then Googling. Hence Gracie Field's "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World", wartime singing stars, which led on to Vera Lynn.

Confession here, I didn't realise George Orwell wrote "Aspidistra". I am a dreadful human being, clearly.

Still, YouTube has provided Gracie and Vera, which we have listened to. "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World", "Bluebirds" and, of course, "We'll Meet Again".

It's... powerful, even now, the hope it embodies.

I hope that day is a long time in coming but, when it does, I'll join that procession.
Tags: nostalgia, ramblings

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