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Not much to report other than the TMNT stuff I mentioned below actually. I have picked up the new "Golden Skies" supplement "Twilight Tales", a translation of one of the original Japanese supplements that allows you to add a whole new range of supernatural beings to your game, more Yokai Japanese folktale fairies, ghosts, aliens and even Time Lords! All very cute.

There is something on the horizon that has caught my attention however. Astraterra. Take a look here-

It's a fantasy/steampunk post-apocalyptic setting on a shattered world with mysterious portals and skyships and androids and furries.

I mean, what's not to like.

It's meant to be a simple system, one for children to enjoy as well, and so falls under the mantle of "heartwarming" games like Golden Sky Stories and Ryuutama. The English translation has been put on hold due to contractual obligations forcing them to focus on the Finnish translation first, but that is nearly complete and the English translation is next. I will so be buying this when it comes out.

Otherwise my creative output has been focussed on "Far Trek". I do like this game. I recently got the opportunity to pick up one of the occasional limited print runs via Lulu, which is most excellent. In the meantime I am working on two scenarios, one a "Run Silent, Run Deep" sort of adventure involving a Klingon K'T'Orr-class destroyer (I have the deckplans now) in a "Wrath of Khan" Mutara Nebula sort of situation, the other a moral dilemma involving devolved Gorns, their battleship (which I also now have the deckplans for) and load of eggs that need to be looked after. Also working on a larger setting inspired by Paul Kidd's "Lucanii Drift" Starships and Spacemen setting. Currently interested in the "Ships of the Delta Triangle" schematics which can be found on the Star Trek Blueprint Database-

Got plans for those ships...
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